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Water to Mold, SERVPRO of Kirksville stands by you.

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

water on the floor. Have the peace of mind that you have a restoration company that stands by your side throughout the whole course of returning your home back.

Picture this in your mind, you are on the way home from a spring shopping spree. A nice little weekend getaway. Getting ready for that long-awaited summer break. All the sunscreen, pool floaties, flip flops and shorts that you can fit in the shopping cart. The family is soaking up the sunshine and looking forward to all that free time that is coming your way. Not a worry in sight, just enjoying the family laughing and summertime fun.

Little do you know that back at home, there has been heavy rains and flash flooding in the area for the last few days. Soon you will learn how water damage can cause mold damage in your home. Fortunately, SERVPRO® of Kirksville is here to help!

Now, flash back to the car ride home. While you were at the store, the last worry on your mind is probably your home. You have great neighbors and a state of the art alarm system in place. You have that peace of mind knowing that your home, the place that you have made endless memories in, is intruder-free when you arrive back at the house.

How protected is your home and belongings?  All the personal items that hold joyous memories for you. The toy box from when the kids were little, the cabinet that holds grandma’s dishes. That pocket watch that your grandpa left to you. It is all protected right? Not against water damage. Water damage can occur at any moment to anyone.

After days of shopping with the whole family, it is late and has been a long but entertaining ride home. Getting home just in time to get the kids to bed and relax. When you head downstairs, your open the door to find almost a foot of standing water in your basement. Now, instead of getting everyone settled for the night you must figure out a new plan. A huge disaster at the end of a fun filled weekend. Your belongings are soaked, and some are even floating around. The mold damage has started to set in. You become overwhelmed with a flood of emotions. This is not how you imagined your home to look. Witnessing firsthand how water damage can cause mold damage.

You may think there is just water damage when you find your flooded home, after water damage happens. However, there may be additional damage such as mold growth. Mold can begin growing within 48-72 hours. It is important to act quickly, and have an experienced remediation and restoration company at your home to make the damages "Like it never even happened."®  It is important that you have a clear understanding of how water damage can become more.

When your home and other properties suffer from water damage, know that SERVPRO® of Kirksville is here for you and your home. Knowing how quickly water damage can turn into mold damage is a huge key to helping save not only the items in your home, but your home itself. Having the peace of mind that you have a restoration company that stands by your side throughout the whole course of returning your home back to preloss condition is important. Our highly trained SERVPRO® heroes are always here to help.

If you experience water or mold damage in your home, know that SERVPRO® of Kirksville is just a call or text away. 660-665-3390. 

Cleaning your business with SERVPRO of Kirksville.

3/27/2021 (Permalink)

Text reading "virus" We can perform regular preventative cleaning, or you can call us to come take care of your business after a known or suspected Covid-19 exposure.

This past year, cleaning has been more important in your business than ever. With the Covid-19 virus spreading rapidly across the globe, customers want to know that they’re safe in your business. From general cleaning services to Covid-10 specific cleanings, we can help you do what it takes for your customers to feel safe. Studies have shown that 68% of people are actively thinking about Covid when they are out in public, and 64% of people feel more safe and secure in a business that is using professional cleaners rather than doing it on their own. SERVPRO of Kirksville is here to help.

Here at SERVPRO of Kirksville, we use hospital grade cleaners to rid your business of any germs or viruses. Our cleaning agents are on the EPA’s SARS-CoV-2 list. They are extremely effective and totally safe for you and your customers. It’s even been approved for use on surfaces with direct food contact! Our team is trained to perform the most effective cleaning and take all precautions to ensure a safe cleaning experience for themselves, you and your customers. We take your business very seriously. We want you to know that when you tell your customers your business has been Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands. 

We can perform regular preventative cleaning, or you can call us to come take care of your business after a known or suspected Covid-19 exposure. For more information or to schedule a cleaning, call or text SERVPRO of Kirksville at 660-665-3390. We look forward to working with you!

Spring Storms

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

Rain on the road. There is never a convenient time for water damage of any kind to strike! Call SERVPRO of Kirksville- 660-665-3390.

The view from your office in the spring is gorgeous. Springtime brings many beautiful things. Flowers blooming, new butterflies and baby birds are singing in the sunshine. As beautiful as these images are, spring can be the season of storms. Early spring storms can play havoc on your home and business.   Understanding that spring showers can bring storm damage to your front door is especially important this time of year. From sump pumps failing to flash flooding spring can be filled with surprises. 

SERVPRO® of Kirksville is ready to help! We know that springtime storms and inclement weather can bring wind damage, heavy rams and flooding that can devastate your home and business in a matter of minutes. There is never a convenient time for water damage of any kind to strike. and storms do not just come during regular business hours. That is why SERVPRO® HEROES are ready to help with 24-hour emergency services, 365 days a year.

Every hour that you spend cleaning is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So, when an emergency situation arises in your business, call SERVPRO® of Kirksville. We will be there fast with the help you need.

 660-665-3390 call or text.

Your Local Fire Damage Specialist.

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

Flames with SERVPRO of Kirksville Call or text SERVPRO of Kirksville,660-665-3390 We are here to help 24/7 - 365 days a year.

The days are filled with sunshine and flowers are starting to bloom, and few springtime rain showers. However, these early spring evenings and nights still have that crisp winter feeling. Running a small heater at nighttime takes that little chill out of the house.

This morning, everyone overslept and are all scrambling to make it out the house on time! On your way to the office, you are able to slow down and think about this morning. Did I lock the doors? Yes of course I did. Do I have all my papers for this morning meeting?  Check, they are in the seat next to me. WHOO WHOO!  I am really doing great for rushing this morning! Did I turn off the coffee pot? Yes, I think it's time for a new one, I saw a really nice one in the store the other day. All these thoughts are perfectly normal for your car ride to work. But what are you forgetting? 

As you start to pull into the parking lot at work, you can hear fire trucks, soon you can see them, and they are heading to your home! 

You come home to find that even a small space heater can cause a huge fire. You are not worried, knowing that the firefighters did an amazing job and were able to put out the fire quickly. No one was hurt and that you have SERVPRO® of Kirksville on the way already. 

SERVPRO® of Kirksville is your local fire damage specialist. With the expert training and the most advanced technology. The SERVPRO® Heroes will make it like it never even happened.  Our friendly crew members and understanding office staff will work with experience to quickly restore your home to preloss condition. We have specific training, equipment and products for odor removal and even deep cleaning of upholstery and carpets. 

 Any damage can be devastating for your and your family. Feelings of confusion and stress are common and you need a caring expert to help guide you through this crisis. We will always treat your family with the greatest respect. and we will treat your property with great care. The crew members and the office staff are always here to help 24/7. Call or text 660-665-3390.

We are here for you.

3/20/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® of Kirksville has professional cleaning products for every kind of disaster. Know that when you have your flooring professionally cleaned, it will be safe for children and pets. Your flooring should not only look and smell clean but should be safe for you and your family. Using the correct professional products and equipment is just important as the knowledge and training that our certified technicians have. These standards make us a premier leader in the cleaning industry. 

We know that when it rains, it pours. Not to worry, SERVPRO® of Kirksville will clean up the water damage. Returning your home or business to "Like it never even happened." Our goal is to bring your property back to preloss condition. We always have the correct products and the right drying equipment ready, and we are here to help. That overwhelming feeling will soon fade away as we begin to give you back that peace of mind that you had before the disaster happened. 

Your home is not just a house. Your business is not just a commercial structure. Your property and belongings are just as important to SERVPRO® of Kirksville as they are to you, When you have a sewer pipe break and take over your basement. A fire from that pot of noodles that was forgotten about, the storm last week that caused a leak in the attic and now there are browning spots on the ceiling, the spray paint from last night's upcycling project all over the side of the house? Not to worry SERVPRO® of Kirksville has the products and equipment to take care of all of that and more! 

Our very own scientists have developed products, specially formulated to help remove these damages. We have several environmentally friendly, green products that will work in any number of these instances. Our IICRC trained SERVPRO® Heroes follow straight guidelines that are set for them by several trusted institutes and organizations. We follow all the guidelines that are presented from the EPA, CDC, IICRC and SERVPRO. ® 

 We are here for you, as your premier cleaning company, to make it "Like it never even happened." Our products are always stocked and ready to go on our shelves. Our trained technicians’ knowledge of how to resources safely and effectively to treat the damage that has happened to your home or business, are ready to help. 

Now that you have the peace of mind knowing, just a few of the ways that SERVPRO® of Kirksville is here for you. For all your cleaning and restoration needs, call or text 660-665-3390.

We Are Your Cleaning Company!

3/17/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® of Kirksville is the leading  cleaning company in Northeastern Missouri. We specialize in residential and commercial cleanings. Our Heroes are known for being faster to any size disaster. We are truly here to help 24/7, 365 days a year. Helping bring your structure back to preloss condition is one of things that we take great pride in. 

From grease fire in your kitchen at home to having your office proactively cleaned, SERVPRO® of Kirksville is here to make it "Like it never even happened." with our advanced technology, we are able to help not only your home or commercial building get back to normal but to preloss life. Our SERVPRO® Heroes are trained to adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitization standards. Making us your number one choice for cleanup and restoration.  

We want you to have the peace of mind know that we, along with your insurance carrier will do everything that we can to make your loss "Like it never even happened."® When you experience a loss, call your local SERVPRO® of Kirksville to see how we can clean your home or business. 

 Call or text today! 660-665-3390.

Air Quality

3/9/2021 (Permalink)

Dirty Duct work / After Cleaning Before and after having your ducts professionally cleaned/

Did you know that duct cleaning can improve your air quality? It is important to have a clean duct and HVAC system at both your residence and commercial structure. The professionals at SERVPRO® can clean your whole system for you. The SERVPRO® duct cleaning is proven and cost-efficient. 

Over time, different contaminants or foreign objects can enter and start to collect in your air ducts that may diminish in the indoor air quality of your home or business. It may cause other damages to your HVAC system. Here is a list of what could potentially be there.

  • Bacteria 
  • Debris 
  • Dirt 
  • Dust
  • Insects
  • Mold
  • Pollen 
  • Rodents excreta 

 These are just a few of the reasons why is it so important to have our HEROES clean your ducts. Depending on where you liver and other variables. It is recommended to get your ducts cleaned every three to five years. If you have never had your system cleaned, now is the time to have SERVPRO® of Kirksville service your ducts. 

For all you residential and commercial duct cleaning needs, count on the professional at SERVPRO® of Kirksville. call or text today! 660-665-3390. 

Serving Our Communities

2/22/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® has been serving communities in the United States for 54 years.  Founded by Ted and Doris Isaacson in 1967 and has been growing since. Turning one small business into over 1700 franchises nationwide and expanding into Canada. SERVPRO® continues to grow. The need for experienced, trained, and professional cleanup and restoration experts is recession resistant. With a proud history, a positive current growth, and a bright future, SERVPRO® will press on toward becoming the premier cleaning and restoration company in the world.

SERVPRO® of Kirksville has deeply rooted our foundation upon the same principles, knowledge, and goals.  With a combination of family values, strong work ethic and excellent customer service, we are always here to help. ® From carpet cleanings and floor burnishing to complex water remediation or fire restoration. Our goal is to make sure that all of your needs are met in a timely and professional manner, from the production technicians to our office managers. We always want to leave your property restored to preloss condition and well as leave you with a little less stress. Of course, we hope that you never have to experience a loss, but if you do, we want you to have the knowledge that we are here to make it "Like it never even happened."®  

660-665-3390, call or text. 

Start with SERVPRO of Kirksville

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Kirksville SERVPRO of Kirksville is here for you when you experience fire or smoke damage. We are always just a call or text away.

Fires can be especially devastating to your home or business. After the fire trucks leave, your property will likely suffer from not only fire and smoke damage, but also widespread water damage and flooding from firefighting efforts. SERVPRO® of Kirksville have specialized fire and water damage restoration training and experience to quickly clean up and restore your home to pre-fire condition. We also can remove the pervasive smoke odor and deep-clean soot from upholstery and carpet along with your personal contents. 

When you experience fire or smoke damage to your home you might not be sure what steps to take next. Once the fire department has left and you have called SERVPRO® of Kirksville, the next steps are used as a guideline to ensure your home is returned to preloss condition:

  1. Initial Inspection- Our trained Production Manager will come inspect your home for damages and see how intensely the fire/smoke affected your home and determine with you and/or your adjuster what steps need to be taken next.
  2. Structure/Content Clean- Depending on what has been determined in step one, SERVPRO will start the process of cleaning and restoring your home and/or contents to its preloss condition. This could include cleaning walls and ceilings, personal belongings, ducts, etc.
  3. Final Walk-through- Once all work has been completed and your home has been restored to its preloss condition, our Production Manager will perform a final walk through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction before gathering payment from the appropriate parties.

It is our hope that knowing a little about the process will help ease your mind as our technicians work diligently to make your fire damage “Like it never even happened.”


When your business need help the most

2/13/2021 (Permalink)

When your business has been damaged by fire, water, or storm damage, the immediate concern should be temporary protective measures such as placing roof tarps to prevent additional damage and boarding up to secure the building and remove water and debris.

After protecting and securing the structure, professionals at SERVPRO of Kirksville can begin the restoration process. Your home or business may need reconstruction work to get your property back to its preloss condition.

The professionals at SERVPRO® of Kirksville can simplify the restoration process by handling both the initial damage mitigation and rebuilding the affected areas. Having one qualified company for the entire process can save time and keeps costs low.

SERVPRO® of Kirksville can provide this continuity by supervising a full range of restoration services that will bring a building back to full functionality.

  • Board Up
  • Carpet Repair and Installation
  • Document Drying
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Drywall Installation
  • Drywall Removal
  • Electrical
  • Electronics Restoration
  • Fine Art Restoration
  • Furniture Restoration
  • General Contracting
  • HVAC Services
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Portable Power
  • Roof Tarp
  • Scalable Resources
  • Temporary Warehouse Space