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Join The Team!

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

Do you love helping people through difficult situations?

Then, don’t miss your chance to join our Franchise as a new Production Crew Chief. In this position, you will be making a difference each and every day. We have a real drive toward the goal of helping make fire and water damage “Like it never even happened.”

Our Franchise is seeking someone comfortable working hard in challenging situations, enjoys meeting new people, has excellent communication skills, enjoys supervising others, and is a serious multi-tasker. If you are self-motivated and have superb interpersonal skills, then you’ll thrive in this work environment. Are you highly dependable and super-excited about routinely exceeding expectations? Thenyou may be our perfect hero!

As a valued SERVPRO® Franchise employee, you will receive a competitive pay rate, with the opportunity to learn and grow.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Explain the process and answer customer questions, as needed.
  • Monitor, communicate and respond to customer needs/concerns.
  • Communicate clear expectations to Production Technicians and supervise their activities.
  • Perform production processes as scheduled and ensure quality control.
  • Identify safety hazards, communicate, and establish control measures to ensure the safety of occupants and workers.
  • Manage job file documentation to ensure complete and accurate project details.
  • Cleaning and documentation of equipment and materials properly.

Position Requirements

  • Effective written and oral communication
  • Basic math skills
  • Experience in cleaning/restoration preferred
  • After hours availability
  • On-call availability
  • High school diploma/GED
  • IICRC certifications preferred but not required
  • Ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds regularly, occasionally up to 100 pounds with assistance
  • Ability to climb ladders, work at ceiling heights, work in tight spaces (e.g., crawls spaces, attics)
  • Ability to sit/stand/walk for prolonged periods of time
  • Ability to repetitively push/pull/lift/carry objects
  • Ability to work with/around cleaning products/chemicals
  • Ability to travel locally when necessary

If You Let Water Sit...

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

When dealing with water damage, it is imperative to act quickly. Water damage can lead to a host of issues, especially the longer it sits. SERVPRO of  Kirksville has 24 hour emergency services. We are always ready to help you, day or night. Below is a timeline of how quickly water can damage your home and belongings:

Within Minutes

  • Water floods throughout your home or business
  • Your walls, flooring and contents in your home are saturated
  • Damage to your furniture and personal belongings

Hours 1 - 24:

  • Drywall shows sign of damage (swelling, breaking)
  • Furniture can swell
  • You’ll notice a musty smell begin to set in
  • Anything with dye in it may begin to bleed

48 Hours to 1 Week:

  • Mold and mildew can begin e to grow
  • House structures can warp and swell
  • Paint may begin to peel or blister
  • Wood flooring swells and warps

More Than 1 Week:

  • Restoration time and cost increase dramatically; replacing contaminated materials and structural rebuilding may be extensive.
  • Structural safety, mold growth, and biohazard contaminants pose serious risks to occupants.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

9/16/2021 (Permalink)

You always want to have your best foot forward when clients come into your workplace. Let SERVPRO of Kirksville help with that by getting your carpets professionally cleaned! From foot traffic to spilled coffee, and maybe some accidents by your favorite office pet, it’s easy for business carpets to start looking dingy. Our carpet technicians know exactly what to do to bring your carpet back to life! We use the best quality cleaners that are completely safe for yor, your employees and your customers. Our team cleaning technique removes dirt, dust, and any other unwelcome guests in your carpet. We are quick and efficient, as we want you to be able to continue with business as usual. Dry time is minimal, and your carpet will look brand new! Give us a call to get a quote! Our production manager may want to come measure and walk through your space ahead of time to ensure that our technicians can be fully prepared and ready to get everything done as efficiently as possible. When your business needs a little TLC to look its best, call SERVPRO of Kirksville!

National Preparedness Month

9/9/2021 (Permalink)

September is National Preparedness Month! We here at SERVPRO of Kirksville know that storms can be unpredictable and devastating, so being as prepared as possible is key. 

Here are some tips to make sure you’re ready for storm related emergencies:

  • Make A Plan. Make sure your family has a set plan on what to do in different storm situations. It is also good to have plans in place at your business to ensure the safety of your employees. 
  • Build A Kit. Storms are unpredictable, and you never know if you might get trapped. Be sure to have non-perishable food items, bottled water, blankets, medication, flares, anything you may need if stuck for several days or longer. 
  • Prepare For Disasters. Knowing the condition of your home, the severity and timing of past storms, and having a plan will help you be prepared for a storm disaster. You want to know any risks your property has in advance if possible. 
  • Teach Youth About Preparedness. Make sure your kids know exactly what todo in different storm scenarios. It is possible you will be separated from them, so they need to have an idea of where to go and what to do in order to be safe. There are lots of resources available to help you have these conversations. 

Download the FEMA app for disaster resources, weather alerts, and safety tips. If you have any questions regarding National Preparedness Month, please call or text 660-665-3390.

What's A Little Water... Right?

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

A big rainstorm came through your town, and your sump pump couldn't quite keep up. You just got a little water in your basement, but you caught it quickly. You put fans on the berber carpet and got it all dried up. Nothing to worry about, right? Well, what you don’t realize is that there’s lingering moisture between the carpet and the concrete. That little bit of water can cause a lot of water damage.You might start to notice a musty smell, and that’s because the water has just been sitting there and has caused mold growth. Now you have to tear up the carpets, clean the mold.. It’s a whole project! Of course, SERVPRO of Kirksville can help if you ever find yourself in this situation, but we can also help prevent it! Even if you think it’s just a little water damage, give us a call! Even a little water can cause a huge mess if not dried and cleaned properly. We know you’re busy and that there is no convenient time for water damage, but we also know you want to take great care of your home. So let us help you out! You know what to do: call SERVPRO of Kirksville!

Fall Fires

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

One of the best fall activities is a cozy bonfire on a crisp, cool night. It’s a great time to hang out with friends, drink some cider and toast some marshmallows. Another part of fall is all those ry leaves. Super pretty, right? But as you probably know, the combination of fire and dry kindling can be a recipe for disaster. Imagine you didn’t get that fire quite put out before heading in for the night. A little breezer blows some leaves onto the embers and bam: a fire starts. While we of course hope nothing like this ever happens to you, we know what to do if it does. Fire damage to your home can be absolutely devastating, and you may not know where to start. That’s where we come in. Our production managers are ready to inspect the damage and quickly come up with a plan of action to get your home back to preloss condition. We’ll work to restore structures and contents, clean smoke damage and dry out any water damage caused from attempts to douse the fire. We’re here to put your mind at ease knowing that you’re in the best of hands, and we’ll work with you to get your home back. We have 24/7 emergency services, so never hesitate to call!

Fire and Your Business

9/8/2021 (Permalink)

We know that as a business owner, you work to be on top of everything that happens at your company. Sometimes, there are things that are just out of your hands. Fire damage can be completely unpredictable and devastating. Take control back by putting SERVPRO of Kirksville on the job. We are equipped to deal with the damage and get your business back to preloss condition. We understand how vital it is to have your business run smoothly, so we will work as quickly and efficiently as possible to get you back up and running. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and coordinate with your insurance to make sure every step of the process runs as smoothly as possible. Our production managers and technicians are trained to deal with the many problems that can arise during the remediation process, so you can rest easy knowing you're in the best hands. SERVPRO of Kirksville is here to serve you and your business by making sure that everything is, “Like it never even happened.”

End of Summer

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

The end of our summer is upon us, and we are so excited for fall! We know that fall can be a rainy season, so we are ready to help if you experience any water damage this season. We know water damage in your home can feel completely devastating and overwhelming. Calling SERVPRO of Kirksville is the first step to getting everything back on track. Our team is equipped to handle any level of water damage, large or small. We provide 24/7 emergency services, so don’t hesitate to call day or night. We know there is no convenient time for water damage, and that getting a quick start on the remediation is important to minimize damage. We are equipped to work with your insurance company, and to work around your schedule. Water damage isn’t how any of us want to end our summers, but if it should happen to you, SERVPRO of Kirksville is here to get your property back to preloss conditions as quickly as possible. Give us a call at 660-665-3390!

Be Ready!

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

When you own a business, there are so many things to be responsible for. From caring for your employees, to your customers and vendors, you have a lot of responsibilities. We know you don’t want to add anymore to your plate, so why not let SERVPRO of Kirksville help out? With our Emergency Ready Profile, you can rest easy knowing that we are ready to help if anything should happen to your property. From fire damage to storm damage to water damage and much more, our ERP will ensure that as soon as you call us, we are prepared. The ERP gives us a layout of your property, where the water turn-off is, and much more. It gives us a familiarity that makes caring care of you at a moment’s notice just that much easier. ERP is a completely free service we provide. We love our community and we want to help keep it in the best shape by making sure our businesses, big and small, are taken care of to the best of our ability. If you own or manage a business, give us a call! We’ll help get you all set up so that if there is damage to your property, we can make it "Like it never even happened."

Let Us Take Care of That

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

This past year, making sure our businesses are clean and safe has been more important than ever. With all the uncertainty in the world, you want your customers to know you are doing everything you can to make sure that your place of business is a safe, clean place for them to be. We know you have so many things on your plate already, so why don’t you let SERVPRO of Kirksville take care of that for you! Our cleaning products are not only effective, but food grade so you can rest easy knowing that your environment is safe. We also offer Covid fogging if you know or suspect that someone carrying the Covid-19 virus has been in your place of business. Our technicians are well trained and will leave your business better than they found it. Certified SERVPRO Clean means something, and we strive to surpass your expectations every time. From floor cleaning to wall cleaning to upholstery cleaning, SERVPRO of Kirksville has got you covered!